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Welcome to the British Academy



British Academy is an online educational platform that offers a wide range of services related to Studying Abroad created by a team of experienced British and European teachers.

The British Academy has a truly international presence, with a home in the UAE, UK and Europe.


We are affiliated with numerous academic institutes in cities such as London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Glasgow, Arizona (USA), Dublin (Ireland), Adelaide, Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand).


British Academy offers you an amazing opportunity to study in the UK. We have strong links with numerous Colleges and Universities that will accept direct entry through us. British Academy sends students all through the year.


We are essentially able to offer you to invest in your future and give yourself an opportunity for doors to open later in life. Studying in the UK and the world at a world recognised institution will give international students higher employability.


We believe that access to education is key and, as the world changes, it is our priority to give access to quality education to everyone.